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bidding for success

The Solihull Business Improvement District (BID) were around half way into a five year term when we got involved. With the first priority of ensuring the BID in the area continued, we sought to make sure that any event or offer carried a sense of added value because of it being in Solihull, the best place to live and work in the UK. This consistent, confident message has recently seen the BID secure another 5 year term, as voted for by those we aim to add value to, the businesses of Solihull.

branding, concepts, design, copywriting

bid jazz
SOLBID-14-091 Consumer BID Magazine 3 PAGES-1
SOLBID-15-102 Nov-Jan 2015 SP_Layout 1
SOLBID-15-097 May-Jul 2015 SP_Layout 1
mag spread
SOLBID-14-089 Believe Booklet 120x120_Layout 1-1
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